Atelier d'Analyse Harmonique 2017

New ! You can find the list of talks here .

The present workshop is devised as a discussion group, rather than as a typical conference, and its goal is to bring together young researchers with various interests in harmonic analysis. The participants are asked to give a small talk on a topic that they find interesting and that might interest others through the novelties of the techniques and ideas employed. These presentations should be the foundation of further discussions, and they can be centered on recent results, forgotten theorems, or open questions. The latter are encouraged.

Given the participants that have already confirmed their presence, the main (yet conjectural) topics for the workshop are time-frequency analysis, twisted technology, oscillatory integrals and restriction theory, weighted estimates and sparse domination. However, one could chose to give a talk not fitting precisely in these topics.

In order to leave time for discussions, we will try to limit the number of talks to 20. The interested speakers are asked to register as soon as possible, but no later that January 5th 2017 (now closed) .

This workshop will take place

from March 6th to March 10th 2017 at Laboratoire Jean Leray in Nantes

and is organized by Cristina Benea (Université de Nantes), Frédéric Bernicot (CNRS - Université de Nantes) and Teresa Luque (Universidad Complutense - Madrid)

There is no registration fee. We cover accommodation and lunches for all the participants, as well as the organization of the traditional conference dinner.

For more information you can contact the organizers.

This workshop is financially supported by the ERC project FAnFArE.





The registration is now closed.

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