Welcome on the GDR CNRS 3274 DYNQUA quantum dynamics

Mathematics and physics bi-thematic research group

Supported by INSMI and INP (CNRS)
Coordinators N. Anantharaman, J.M. Bouclet, B. Douçot, F. Hérau

(Last update Marsh 04, 2018)


  • The conference 2018 of the GDR dynqua took place at Lille, 21th to 23th. It was organized by S. De Bièvre, G. Riviere, M. Simon. http://www.mathconf.org/qdlille2018
  • Some new positions (PhD, MCF, post docs, opportunities, tenure tracks...) are listed below (sometimes with very short deadlines).
  • Some workshop and conferences coming and/or supported by the GDR are listed below
  • Mensual seminar of the GDR: Spectral problems in mathematical physics at IHP, beginning of each month.

Some coming workshops and conferences

  • Conference Spectral problems in Mathematical physics at Institut Mathématique de Bourgogne Dijon, 28-31 of May 2018.
  • Conference Stochastic Partial Differential Equations at CIRM Marseille, 14 - 18 May 2018
  • Conference Quantum fields, scattering and spacetime horizons: mathematical challenges 22-25 May 2018, Les Houches.
  • Conference Semiclassical and geometric asymptotics in mathematical physics at Toulon, 24-25 of April, University of Toulon.
  • Final conference of the ANR Gerasic "spectral geometry, graphs and semi-classical analysis" from 11 to 15 of December 2017, Aussois
    (org. L. Hillairet, S. Nonnenmacher, G. Rivière) . Info and registration here.
  • A Masterclass around PDEs will take place in Strasbourg (courses by Jean-Michel Coron, David Dos Santos Ferreira, Isabelle Gallagher et Geneviève Raugel) from 15 to 19 of January 18. Information, registration and support request here.
  • short grants for young researchers to participate to the Mittag Leffler thematic semester "spectral theory" in Spring 2019 (be careful, registration open now!). More info here.
  • Conference "Eigenvalues and Inequalities" at Mittag Leffler Institute, 14-18 of May 2018, more info here.
  • The next International Congress of Math. Physics ICMP will take place in Montreal, 23-28 of July, 2018.

Some available jobs, postdoctoral positions and doctoral grants

  • PhD openings at te department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, more info here deadline is April 1, 2018. Several of these positions are within the QMATH center in the areas of Mathematical Physics and Quantum Information Theory.
  • call for application of the interdisciplinary PhD program Quantum Engineering Grenoble (QuEnG) for PhD candidates interested in various aspects of quantum engineering, including topics at the interface between mathematics and physics.
    The deadline for applications is April 11th 2018 for PhDs starting in September 2018
  • full professor position at Nantes, Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray, PDEs and interactions with geometry/probability. More info here
  • Tenure track position at Department of Mathematical engineering of University of Conception. All information here
  • Postdoc announcement in Grenoble ERC CORFRONMAT (coord. N. Rougerie), 1 or 2 or 3 years , in the laboratoire de Physique et Modélisation des Milieux condensés". Math Physics areas and/or condensed matter Physics. More info here. deadline 28/02/18.
  • one year post-doc position in Besancon, I-Site project NC-Geom-FA (Noncommutative and Geometric Methods in Functional Analysis), please contact
    uwe.franz@univ-fcomte.fr for more info. deadline for application April 2018.
  • two assistant professor positions at Neuchatel (4 years, 80%) more info here deadline 15/01.
  • post-doc annoucement in Nice, ERC ANADEL (coord.O. Ivanovici) - Analysis of the geometrical effects on dispersive equations
    here . deadline 12/17
  • Full professor position in Nancy in next september, more info here
  • several postdoctoral (Deadline November 15, 2017) and PhD (Deadline December 1, 2017) openings within the QMATH center in Copenhaguen in the areas of Mathematical Physics and Quantum Information Theory.
  • Post-doc position ERC for 2018-2019, on geometric inverse problems and/or microlocal study of flows at Orsay here.
  • Three-year post-doctoral position at Cergy-Pontoise, GM Research Center, beginning sept 18, application deadline is December 31, 2017.
  • 2-year postdoc positions at the EuroTech Universities (TUM, TU/e, DTU, EPFL). Topics ranging from applied mathematics, complexity science, computing, data science, and dynamics. More info here http://postdoc.eurotech-universities.eu/
  • Lectureship (=tenure track position) open in Analysis at King's College London. Deadline: 7 November 2017. web link .
  • A two year post-doc position at Paris 6 starting october 2018 (as part of the ANR grant "spectral geometry of intermediate quantum systems"). Information here .
  • One post-doctoral position (2 years) at Institut Fourier (Grenoble) associated to the ISDEEC ANR project, about qualitative dynamics of PDE's and ODE's. Possible beginning around oct. 2018. More information here .
  • Several post doc positions at labex Lebesgue and partners (Angers, Nantes, Rennes). Information here . Deadline for application : 1st of december 17.
  • Full-time academic position in Mathematical Analysis at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). Deadline for application : November 15, 2017. More info here .
  • One Phd position in Malmo, Sweden in inverse spectral theory (Deadline for application is not later than October 31th, 2017) see here for more info.
  • 30 "La caixa" postdoctoral fellowships at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (BCAM), Bilbao : all info here (deadline for application October 2nd, 17)
  • One post doc position in Physics at Besancon/Dijon. More info here
  • post-doc positions at labex Hadamard here .
  • post doc positions at labex CIMI (Toulouse) here
  • short stay in Australia possible via the French-Australian math LIA dept

Objectifs du GDR

Le GDR DYNQUA ''dynamique quantique'' a débuté au 1er janvier 2009 et réunit aujourd'hui une centaine de mathématiciens et physiciens issus de 11 laboratoires de physique et 25 laboratoires de mathématiques, ainsi qu'un grand nombre de doctorants et post-doctorants.

La vocation du GDR DYNQUA est de structurer la communauté des chercheurs intéressée par les aspects théoriques et mathématiques de la mécanique quantique, en mettant l'accent sur les problèmes dynamiques, et d'accompagner son évolution scientifique tout en lui donnant une visibilité nationale et internationale.

L'animation scientifique du GDR se décline en une rencontre annuelle en hiver, des rencontres thématiques ponctuelles organisées par ses membres sur les thématiques du GDR, ainsi qu'un séminaire mensuel à l'IHP (premier lundi de chaque mois, animé par S. Nonnenmacher, Hakim Boumaza, Mathieu Lewin). Un effort particulier est porté d'une part à l'accompagnement des jeunes chercheurs et étudiants et d'autre part à l'interaction entre équipes et chercheurs en Physique et en Mathématiques.

Pilotage du GDR :

  • 2017-2020 : N. Anantharaman, J.-M. Bouclet, B. Douçot, F. Hérau (global coordinator),
  • 2013-2016 : F. Hérau, Alain Joye (global coordinator), S. Nonnenmacher
  • 2009-2012 : S. De Bièvre (global coordinator), Alain Joye, Stéphane Nonnenmacher