Jean Leray Mathematics Institute

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Director: Gilles Carron
Deputy Director : Jean-Fraçois Coulombel
Assistant Director: Stéphanie Benoit
Administrative Assistants: Annick Egurbide, Katrin Schlau

Jean Leray Institute of Mathematics is the main mathematics research center in Nantes and is supported by CNRS and University of Nantes. All of our research activies are done within Jean Leray Institute which supports many of the activities of the Department, including seminars and conferences, short- and long-term visitors, partial support for postdoctoral researchers, and outreach activities involving undergraduates and high school students.

Our research activities are clustered around 4 research groups with various arrows of collaborations and interactions between them.

Jean Leray Math Institute is one of the participating institutes in Lebesgue Center a scientific infrastructure project in the west of France. logo_lebesgue_noir-150.png Our partners are Mathematics research institute of Rennes[IRMAR] and Center for Mathematical Studies and their Applications (CMLA).

Our documents archives are managed by crdm-logo.jpg
- Regional Documentation Center for Mathematics (CRDM)

By means of various infrastructural grants such as Geanpyl & Matpyl, Jean Leray Math Institute supports a Data-Intensive Computing platform: CCIPL .

We host and manage an array of individual and collective grants & contracts provided by the French and Europeans research agencies.


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