Authors :   Anne PhilippeMarie-Anne Vibet  and Thomas S. Dye


  1. The package ArchaeoPhases  provides a list of functions for the statistical analysis and

the post-processing of the Markov Chains simulated  for instance by  Bcal, ChronoModel and Oxcal :

  1.   Building a chronology by intervals [phasing]

  2. Testing the presence of hiatus

  3. Estimation of a transition between two phases.

  4. Tempo plot 


  1. The  description of the statistic tools implemented in ArchaeoPhases  with example for Chronomodel users  is available  Here - PDF file -  

[last updated July 2017- Thanks to Ray Kidd]

  1. Supplementary materiel for Oxcal users Here - PDF file -

  1. Package on the CRAN package repository  : Download

  2. Reference manual of CRAN package : PDF

  3. Vignette : here

Presentation SEMIN-R at Muséum national

d’histoire naturelle, June 2017 site semin-R and PDF

  1. Shiny application :

Web application  to use R functions available in 

ArchaeoPhases package.

Use the application online : here  [No need to know R ]


Launch the application from R

> app_ArchaeoPhases()

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