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I am professor at the Mathematics department of Nantes University, in charge of the research team geometry and global analysis at the Jean Leray Lab (CNRS UMR 6629). I was head of department from 2014 to 2017 and I was holding of a Chaire d'Excellence (ANR 2008-2012). I am currently a member of the ANR EMARKS research project.

My research deals with differential geometry, gauge theory, symplectic, contact topology and Kähler geometry. For further details, you can consult my vitæ.


I am currently visiting the CRM-UMI CNRS lab in Montréal, UQAM university and the CIRGET research centre.

Numerical analysis: Discrete symplectic geometry is still in its early stages. I am working on existence of piecewise linear Lagrangian and, more generally, isotropic submanifolds of the Euclidean space. I wrote a program with my collaborators François Jauberteau and Samuel Tapie, which flows discrete surfaces of $ \mathbb{R}^ 4$ towards discrete Lagrangian surfaces. The program is available on the page below:

and the mathematical counterpart of the program is now posted on the arxiv

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