Programme scientifique

minicours: Constanze Roitzheim (University of Kent), title: Introduction to Chromatic Homotopy Theory
The goal of the talks is to introduce some of the foundations of chromatic stable homotopy theory and to explain how these methods are used to study the structure of the stable homotopy category. If time permits, we will look at some more recent results at the end.

Topics will include:
- left Bousfield localisation,
- p-localisation, p-completion, rationalisation, K-theory,
- E(n) and K(n): construction and properties,
- nilpotence, periodicity, chromatic convergence,
- thick subcategories and the Balmer spectrum.

invited speakers: Vladimir Dotsenko (Université de Strasbourg),

                               Yonatan Harpaz (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord),

                               Danica Kosanovic (ETH Zürich),

                               Johan Leray (Nantes Université),

                              Lyne Moser (Universität Regensburg),

                               Neil Strickland (University of Sheffield)