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This post-doc position is supported and funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche through the Projet de Recherche Collaborative (PRC) \ "Randomness, dynamics and spectra" (2021-2025). This project aims at working on the analytical study of chaotic dynamical systems, and at the same time on models of random waves. It gathers 16 researchers from several universities in France (Grenoble, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, etc.).

Applicants must have obtained a Ph.D. or equivalent degree before starting the postdoc position. The successful applicant must have strong background in one or several of the following topics related to this project: spectral theory, microlocal or semiclassical analysis, dynamical systems, probability, mathematical quantum chaos. Applications at the crossroads of several of these topics will be most appreciated. He/She will have facilities to travel thanks to this PRC project and he/she will be able to interact with members of the research project throughout France.

  •  Institution. Université de Nantes, Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray
  •  Contact. Gabriel Rivière (
  •  Position Type. 24 months Post-Doctoral position.
  •  Teaching. No teaching duties are imposed on the successful candidate and mastery of the French language is not a requirement.
  •  Starting date. Between September 2021 and January 2022, upon mutual agreement.
  •  Salary. Around 2200 Euros per month (after deduction of social contributions, including health coverage and pension contributions, but not income taxes).

The application should contain:
(1) a detailed CV,
(2) a list of publications,
(3) a description of the past research (maximum 3 pages),
(4) a research project (maximum 3 pages),
(5) a motivation letter,
(6) 2 letters of recommendation (to be sent separately to

Except for the two letters of recommendation that have to be sent separately, all the other elements have to be sent in a single pdf le by the applicant to It is also possible (but not mandatory) to send the application on the website of the Centre Henri Lebesgue1.

The deadline for applying is January, 20th 2021. A decision will be taken shortly after by the members of the PRC project.

1This website indicates certain rules for recommendation letters that do not apply here and, if you apply online, you can (but do not need) to ll this part of the webform.

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