About Me

   My research focuses on the analysis of Finite Volume
   methods for the simulation of PDEs.

   In particular, during my PhD I developped DDFV 
for  the Stokes and Navier Stokes equations,
   focusing on the study of different types of boundary
and by studying non-overlapping Domain
   Decomposition methods

   During my Post-doc, I am working on the design and
   analysis  of numerical schemes for semiconductors


You can contact me:

  • by email : giulia.lissoni [at] univ-nantes [dot] fr
  •                     lissonigiulia [at] yahoo [dot] it

My address is:

    • Laboratoire Jean Leray
      2, rue de la Houssinière
      Université de Nantes
  • 44322 NANTES Cedex 3



2. ”Non-overlapping Schwarz algorithms for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with DDFV discretizations , T. Goudon, S. Krell, G. Lissoni

3. ”Convergence study of a DDFV scheme for the Navier-Stokes equations arising in the domain decomposition setting”, T. Goudon, S. Krell, G. Lissoni
To appear in
Proceeding of the 9 th international symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex Applications (Bergen, Norway)


  • L1 - Mathematics and Statistics for economy 2016/2017
  • L1 - Mathematics for biology 2017/2018
  • L1 - Mathematics for economy 2017/ 2018
  • L1 - Statistics for biology 2018/ 2019
  • L3 - Numerical Analysis 2018/2019

Talks and posters

  • To come:

Journées des Jeunes EDPistes (Tours), 25-27 March 2020
Seminar of Applied Mathematics, Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray (Nantes), 9 April 2020
Seminar of GT EDP du LAMA (Marne et Créteil), 23 Avril 2020
CANUM (Evian-les-Bains), 25-29 May 2020
FVCA9 (Bergen), 15-19 June 2020
ALGORITMY (Podbanske), 10-15 September 2020


  • Seminar of Numerical Analysis, IRMAR (Rennes), 12th December 2019
  • SMAI (Guidel), 15th May 2019 (PDF)
  • Seminar Équipe ACSIOM, Laboratoire IMAG (Montpellier), 5th February 2019
  • Seminar in GT "Modélisation, Analyse et Simulation", Laboratoire Map5 (Paris), 18th January 2019 (PDF)
  • Seminar of Applied Mathematics, Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray (Nantes), 18th October 2018
  • Seminar of Applied Analysis, Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille (Marseille), 9th October 2018
    CANUM (Cap d'Agde), 29th May 2018

    Journées NTM (Porquerolles), 24th May 2018
    Evaluation of Inria team COFFEE (Paris), 14th March 2018

  • Poster sessions
  •  POEMS (Marseille), 29th - 3rd May 2019
    "Ecole de recherche en mathématiques pour l'énergie nucléaire" (Roscoff), 2nd - 6th July 2018
  • "Summer school on domain decomposition methods" (Nice), 19th-21th June 2018
  • Women in Applied and Computational mathematics (GSSI- L'Aquila), 10th May 2018 (PDF)
    FVCA 8 (Lille), 12th - 16th June 2017

  • Journée des thèses au LJAD (Nice), 12th April 2018
  • PhD seminar in LJAD (Nice), 9th October 2017
  • PhD students’ symposium (Barcelonnette), 12th - 14th May 2017
  • Journée de thèses in LJAD (Nice), 3rd May 2017



- Post-doc - Université de Nantes (France), 2019- now
- Phd in mathematics - Université Côte d'Azur (France), 2016 - 2019
- Master's degree in mathematics - Università degli studi di Verona (Italy), 2014 - 2016
Classification: 110 cum laude/ 110
- Bachelor's degree in mathematics - Università degli studi di Milano Bicocca (Italy), 2011 - 2014