Currently my research interests are

  • Birkhoff coordinates for integrable systems
  • Normal form for PDE's
  • Long time dynamics of dispersive equations
  • Weak turbulence


  1. D. Bambusi, B. Grebert, A. Maspero, D. Robert: Reducibility of the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator in d-dimensions with Polynomial Time Dependent Perturbation, submitted (2017).
  2. [Link]
  3. A. Maspero, D. Robert: On time dependent Schrödinger equations: global well-posedness and growth of Sobolev norms, submitted (2016).
  4. [Link]
  5. D. Bambusi, A. Maspero: Freezing of energies of a soliton in an external potential, Comm. Math. Phys. (2016), in press.
  6. [Link]
  7. T. Kappeler, A. Maspero, J.C. Molnar, P. Topalov: On the convexity of the KdV Hamiltonian, Comm. Math. Phys. (2016), in press. [Link]
  8. A. Maspero, B. Schaad: One smoothing property for the KdV on $\mathbb R$ , Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst., Vol. 36, no.3, 2016., [Link]
  9. D. Bambusi, A. Maspero: Birkhoff coordinates for the Toda Lattice in the limit of infinitely many particles with an application to FPU, J. Funct. Anal. Vol. 270, no. 5, 1818--1887, 2016. [Link]




  1. D. Bambusi, A. Carati, A. Maiocchi, A. Maspero: Some analytic results on the FPU paradox, in "Hamiltonian Partial Differential Equation and Applications", Fields Institute Communications, 2015. [Link]



PhD thesis

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