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  Stefan Banach International Mathematical Center  

   Bedlewo, Poland
   18-24 June 2007

  at2007pm at


     R.Cohen,     Morse theory, Floer theory, and String Topology

     M.Furuta,      The Pontrjagin-Thom construction and non-linear Fredholm theory

     S.Galatius,      Spaces of graphs and manifolds

     S.Haller,     Complex valued Ray-Singer torsion

     K.Ono,     Floer cohomology and symplectic fixed points

     V.Sharko,      L^2- invariants and their application in Algebraic Topology

     S.Stolz,     Super symmetric quantum field theories and generalized cohomology, Part 2

     D.Sullivan,      Applications of Algebraic Analogues of Postnikov Systems to Geometry

     P.Teichner,      Super symmetric quantum field theories and generalized cohomology, Part 1

P. Cheung's collection
H. Colman's collection
A. Felshtyn's collection
S. Maksymenko's collection
D. Millionschikov's collection
A. Pajitnov's collection
E. Polulyakh's collection
S. Williams' collection
S. Wilson's collection


The opening talk delivered by DENNIS SULLIVAN.

The talks are organized in sections:

Homotopy theory

Topology of manifolds 1

Topology of manifolds 2

Low dimensional topology

Lusternik-Scnirelman theory

A talk about the works of M.M. Postnikov delivered by YULI RUDYAK.





     D. Agustito,

     P. Akhmetev,      Geometric approach towards stable homotopy groups of spheres I, Adams-Hopf invariants

     L. Alaniya,     

     S. Al Ghour,     Homogeneity in Fuzzy Spaces and Their Induced Spaces

     O. Andersson,     

     A. Angel,     

    V. Angeltveit,     Blowing up the simplicial indexing category

     S. Antonyan,     The equivariant homotopy type of G-ANR's for compact group actions

    B. Apanasov,     Reflection groups in 3-sphere and hyperbolic 4-cobordisms

     C.G. Aras,     Homotopy Theory on the Category of Fuzzy Topological Spaces

    D. Ayala,     

     W. Bajguz,     Compositions of unions of graphs

    M. Bakuradze,     Transferred Chern classes and Morava K-theory rings

     J.A. Barmak,     Simple homotopy types and finite spaces

    S. Basu,     

     K. Bataineh,     Vassiliev Invariants for Knots and Links in the Solid Torus

    S. Bauer,     On refined Seiberg-Witten theory

     S. Bayramov,     Homotopic groups in fuzzy sets

     J. Björklund,     

     Z. Blaszczyk,     

     A. Bojanowska,     

     D. Bolotov,     Macroscopic dimension of Manifolds

     V. Buchstaber,     

     D. Burghelea,     

     Yu. Bratkov,     

     W. Browder,     

     M. Cadek,     Obstruction theory on 8-manifolds

     J.M.G. Calcines,     A Whitehead-Ganea approach for proper Lusternik-Schnirelmann category.

     W. Chen,     Differentiable Transformation Groups and Homotopy K3 Surfaces

    X. Chen,     

     A. Chernavskii,     On local contractibility of manifold homeomorphism groups

    V. Chernov,     Causality and Linking in Globally Hyperbolic Spacetimes

     P. Cheung,     

     G. Cicortas,     

     C. Curtis,     Vanishing of $SL_2(\Bbb C)$ Casson invariants

     M. Daily,     

    A. Dranishnikov,     On cell-like homotopy equivalences of manifolds

    G.C. Drummond-Cole,     

     K. Eftekharinasab,     

     A. Fel'shtyn,     New directions in the Nielsen-Reidemeister theory

     S. Friedl,     Symplectic manifolds of the form S^1xN^3

     K. Froyshov,     Floer homology and 4-manifolds with b_1=1 and b^ =0

     H. Fujita,     

     A. Gaifullin,     Combinatorial formulae for the Pontrjagin classes

     P.R. Garcia-Diaz,     

     E. Glushak,     Linear embeddings of simple graphs

     H. Goda,     Circle-valued Morse maps, Reidemeister torsions, and sutured manifold theory

     V. Godin,     

     M. Golasinski,     

     F. Gomez-Ruiz,     

     M. Grant,     Sectional category weight and topological complexity

     E. Gutkin,     

     B. Hajduk,     

     K. Halas,     

     L. Hanbury,     

     B. Hanke,     Positive scalar curvature with symmetry

     F. Hegenbarth,     Applications of controlled surgery in dimension four

     A. Henriques,     Higher Clifford algebras

     I. E. Hirica,     

     N. Iwase,     Relative L-S category and categorical length

     J. Jaworowski,     

     U. Kaiser,     Khovanov theory on oriented surfaces

     T. Kadeishvili,     A(infty)-algebra structure in cohomology and rational homotopy type

     S. Kallel,     

     R. Kaufmann,     Homotopy Theory and Moduli Spaces

     M. Kazarian,     Enumeration of complex nodal curves by the methods of cobordism theory.

     L. Kee-Young,     On the exactness G-sequence

     S. Khazhomia,     On the obstruction functor

     G. Khimshiashvili,     Holomorphic structures in Seifert fibrations

     U. Koschorke,     Coincidence manifolds and homotopy theory

     R. Koytcheff,     

     A.K. Kwasniewski,     On Extended finite operator calculus as an example of algebraization of analysis

     A. Lahtinen,     

     M. Lattarulo,     

     G. Lippner,     Multiple points of fold maps

     A. Mac Henry,     Constructing and Characterizing Degree n Functors

     S. Maksymenko,     Fundamental groups of orbits of Morse functinos on surfaces

     V. Manturov,      Khovanov homology: Topology and Combinatorics

     E. Markert,     A model for (connective) K-theory derived from field theories.

     S. Matsuo,     

     S. Melikhov,     On link maps and embeddings in the 3/4 range

     D. Miklashevski,     The Conjecture on the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem for $1-S^{k}$-mappings

     H. Miller,     

     M. Miller,     

     D. Millionschikov,     Massey products in Lie algebra cohomology

     E.G. Minian,     Finite topological spaces: Old and New

     P. K. Mishra,     

     T. Morifuji,     On a secondary invariant of the hyperelliptic mapping class group

     A. Mozgova,     

     Yu. Muranov,     Assembly map and surgery on filtered manifolds

     R. Nathaniel,     

     A. Nemethi,     Surgery formula for the Seiberg--Witten invariants

     V. Nezhinskii,     A generalization of Goussarov's Groups for Higher-Dimensional Knots

     H. Ohta,     

     A. Pajitnov,     

     K. Pawalowski,     

    C.-S. Pintea,     Mappings with high-dimensional critical sets

    L. Plachta,     Remarks on invariants of finite order of links in a 3-space: geometric aspects

     K. Poirrier,     

     S. Podkorytov,     On homotopy invariants of maps to the circle

     E. Polulyakh,     

     V. Puppe,     Involutions on 3-Manifolds and Self-dual, Binary Codes

     S.K. Roushon,     The Isomorphism Conjecture for a class of discrete groups

     Yu. Rudyak,     

     K. Rykaczewski,     

     P. Salvatore,     Cacti operads and the topological Deligne conjecture

     N. Saveliev,     Rohlin's invariant and gauge theory

     S. Shah,     

     N. Shirokova,     On classification of Floer-type theories

     C. Schommer-Pries,     

     D. Silver,     Dynamics of Twisted Alexander invariants.

     A. Skopenkov,     Classification of smooth embeddings of 4-manifolds in the 7-space

     M. Skopenkov,     A formula for the group of links in the 2-metastable dimension

     V. Smirnov,     Bott periodic theorem and differentials of the Adams spectral sequence

    R. Staffeldt,     The connecting homomorphism for $K$-theory of generalized free products

     A. Stimpson,     

     L. Stramaccia,     Orthogonality and Shape

     M. Sullivan,     

     R. Szefler,     

     A. Szucs,     Classifying spaces in singularity theory

     A. Teleman,     Instanton and curves on non-Kählerian surfaces

    J. Terilla,     A Smoothness Theorem for differential BV algebras

    S. Terzic,     On computation of Chern numbers on some homogeneous spaces

     T. Terpai,     On the cobordism group of fold maps

     L. Topan,     Critical sets of Whitney functions in the plane

     S. Theriault,     A new construction of Anick's fibration

     T. Tradler,     String operations in an algebraic setting

     M. Ue,     The Fukumoto-Furuta and the Ozsvath-Szabo invariants for spherical 3-manifolds

     I. Vlasenko,     On Birkhoff center without limit points

     N. Wahl,     Diffeomorphisms of 3-manifolds

     L. Weng,     

     S. Willams,     Algebraic Dynamics of Knots and Links

     S. Wilson,     Combinatorial Topology, Homotopy Algebra and Fluids

     D. Xu,     

     K. Yusenko,     

     M. Zeinalian,     Closed string TCFT for Calabi-Yau elliptic spaces

    Yu. Zelinskii,     On continuous mappings of domains

    P. Zhang,     On Smooth Maps with Critical Points of a Manifold onto a Manifold     


B.Bojarski, W.Browder, V.Buchstaber, D.Burghelea, M.Golasinski, S.Jackowski, T. Kohno, M.Mahowald, A.Maltsev, S.Melikhov, H.Miller, A.S.Mischenko, S.Novikov, A.Pajitnov, K.Pawalowski, A.Ranicki, Yu.Rudyak, N.Saveliev, E.Scepin, V.Vassiliev


The participants are invited to arrive at Bedlewo on 17 June, Sunday,
and should leave on 24 June, Sunday after lunch.
Helpful indications for your trip can be found



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