Atelier d'Analyse Harmonique 2018

The present workshop is devised as a discussion group, rather than as a typical conference, and its goal is to bring together a small group of experts of Harmonic Analysis and the study of PDE. It aims to promote the interface between these two mathematical fields.

The idea will be to have a small number of talks (which should be the foundation of further discussions) and to have plenty of time for free discussions in order to initiate new collaborations and/or to open new questions, new problems.

This workshop will take place

from March 25th to March 30th 2018 at CNRS - Paul Langevin center

(in the French Alps mountains - Aussois)

The registration will be open until January 15th, 2018 .... up to 25 participants

There is no registration fee. We cover accommodation and meals for all the participants.

This workshop is financially supported by the ERC project FAnFArE.




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