Atelier d'Analyse Harmonique 2019 : Master Class in Harmonic Analysis


The study of Harmonic Analysis (more details) nourishes and is nourished by adjacent fields (partial differential equations, functional analysis, geometry, etc) and comprises a lot of beautiful results and a very accurate understanding of some mathematical objects.

This international academic program will combine the idea of the “Master class” with the classical “Internet Seminar”, and will be centered around a research-like experience spanning over a period of two-three months.


We will complete this program in August 2019, with a meeting where the participants will present their work on their different projects. This meeting will take place from 27-30 August in Saint-Nazaire , by the Atlantic ocean.


More details about calendar, financial support and practical information will be sent by email. The list of projects will not be made public, but every one who asked for a project should have been assigned one via email.

For more information you can contact the organizers. We are aware that most master students have certain constraints from their university and have also to complete a Master Thesis. We try to adapt to this situation, and hope that our agenda will fit with and even complement the requirements of your master program.

This workshop is organized by Cristina Benea and Frédéric Bernicot (Université de Nantes).