Thesis direction
  • Gia Bao Nguyen at LMJL, University of Nantes (with Philippe Carmona).
    Marche aléatoire auto-évitante en auto-interaction. (October 17, 2013) [ TEL ]
  • Alexandre Legrand at LMJL, University of Nantes (with Quentin Berger).
    Alexandre started his PhD in October 2018.
Last talks
  • Leiden Probability Seminar, March 2019.
  • Workshop "Journés de Combinatoire de Bordeaux", LABRI, February 2019
  • Interacting Random system Seminar, Weierstarss Institut Berlin, May 2018.
  • Workshop " Polymer, Folding and Phase Transition", CIRM (Marseille), April 2018.
  • Groupe de Travail Modélisation, LPSM Paris Diderot, November 2017.
  • Conference on "Means, Methods and Results in the Statistical Mechanics of Polymeric Systems II", for the celebration of the 75th birthday of Stu Whittington, The Fields Institute, Toronto, June 2017.
  • Probability seminar, University of Warwick, February 2017.
  • Probability seminar, IECL Nancy, February 2017.
  • Workshop "Guided Tour: Random Media" to celebrate the 60th birthday of Frank den Hollander, Eurandom Eindhoven, December 2016.
  • Journées MAS 2016, Grenoble, August 2016.
  • Probability seminar, LAMA Paris Est Créteil, June 2016.
  • Probability seminar, LMA Poitiers, June 2016.
  • Probability seminar, LAREMA Angers, March 2016.
  • School and Workshop on Random Polymers and Related Topics, Singapour, May 2015.
  • Probability seminar, LAGA Paris 13, Avril 2015
  • Probability seminar, Mathematical Institute Leiden, May 2013
    Path properties of a self-interacting random walk in its collapsed phase
  • Workshop on Random Polymers, Eurandom Eindhoven, January 2013.
    Phase diagram for a copolymer in an emulsion. [ Slides ]
  • Probability seminar, IRMAR Rennes, January 2013
  • Workshop "Random polymers and Related Topics", Singapour, May 2012 .
  • Workshop in honor of Emile le Page, Berder island, September 2011.
    Discrete parabolic Anderson model with heavy tailed potential. [ Slides ]
  • Workshop "Universality and scaling limits", Sapporo (Japan), September 2010.
    Scaling limit of a polymer in a multi-interface medium [ Slides ]
Scientific visits abroad
  • Leiden University, March 18-22, 2019
    Invited by F. den Hollander.
  • Weierstrass Institut-Berlin, May 2018,
    Invited by W. König.
  • National University of Singapore, October 2016,
    Invited by R. Sun.
  • National University of Singapore, May 2015,
    Invited by R. Sun.
  • Mainz University, April 1-7, 2014
    Invited by M. Birkner.
  • Leiden University, March 17-23, 2014
    Invited by F. den Hollander.
  • Department of Mathematics, University of Milano Bicocca, September 23-29, 2013
    Invited by Francesco Caravenna.
  • Leiden University, April, 2013
    Invited by F. den Hollander.
  • National University of Singapore, September, 2012
    Invited by R. Sun.
  • Leiden University, 6 months visit in the RSS Team, supported by the VARIS ERC Grant, October-November 2011, April-May 2012, October-November 2012
    Invited by F. den Hollander.
  • Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (Bonn), May 16-22, 2011.
    Invited by F. den Hollander.
  • Statistics Department of the Auckland University, January 2011.
    Invited by M. Holmes.

Organization of conferences

With Niccolo Torri and Philippe Carmona, we organized a workshop of Statistical Mechanics as part of the "Journées Scientifiques de l'Université" on friday June 10, 2016.