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I am professor at the Mathematics department of Nantes University, in charge of the research team geometry and global analysis at the Jean Leray Lab (CNRS UMR 6629). I was head of department from 2014 to 2017 and I was holding of a Chaire d'Excellence (ANR 2008-2012). I am currently a member of the ANR EMARKS research project.

My research deals with differential geometry, gauge theory, symplectic, contact topology and Kähler geometry. For further details, you can consult my vitæ.


Working seminar: in 2018-2019, the working seminar of our research team shall focus on the third Hilbert problem.

Numerical analysis: Discrete symplectic geometry is still in its early stages. I am working on existence of piecewise linear Lagrangian and, more generally, isotropic submanifolds of the Euclidean space. I wrote a program with my collaborators François Jauberteau and Samuel Tapie, which flows discrete surfaces of $ \mathbb{R}^ 4$ towards discrete Lagrangian surfaces. The program is available on the page below:

and the mathematical counterpart of the program is now posted on the arxiv