Tuesday April 23rd
11h‐12h30 Welcome (Amphi Pasteur, Building 2)
12h30‐14h30 Lunch
14h30‐15h30 Jean-François Nourrigat: More on pseudodifferential calculus norms (Joint works  with  L. Amour, L. Jager and  R. Lascar.)
15h30‐16h30 Yanhui Qu : The structure of the spectra for several classes of discrete Schrödinger operators
16h30‐17h Coffee break
17h‐18h Frédéric Hérau: A Korn‐Wirtinger inequality

Wednesday April 24th
9h‐10h Søren Fournais: Second order lower bound to the ground state energy of dilute Bose gases
10h‐10h30 Coffee break
10h30‐11h30 Mikael Persson Sundqvist: Magnetic model operators
Thomas Hoffmann‐Ostenhof: On the multiplicities of eigenvalues: some results and open problems
12h30‐14h30 Lunch*
14h30‐15h30 Katie Gittins: Courant‐sharp Robin eigenvalues for the square
15h30‐16h30 Alain Grigis: Remarques sur les billards dans les triangles et les polyèdres
16h30‐17h Coffee break
17h‐18h Patrick Gérard: From one integral system to another: solving two inverse spectral problems on the Hardy space
20h Gala dinner**

Thursday April 25th
9h‐10h Colin Guillarmou: The Ruelle-Taylor spectrum of Anosov actions
10h‐10h30 Coffee break
10h30‐11h30 Yannick Bonthonneau: Exponential localization for pure 2D magnetic wells
11h30‐12h30 Galina Perelman: Blow up dynamics for the hyperbolic vanishing mean curvature flow of surfaces asymptotic to
Simons cone
12h30‐14h30 Lunch*
14h30‐15h30 Peter Sternberg: A Ginzburg‐Landau type problem featuring highly disparate elastic constants
15h30‐16h30 Monique Dauge: A conjecture for the Strongly Attractive Robin problem in a polygon
16h30‐17h Coffee break
(Canceled) 17h‐18h Karine Beauchard: Null controllability of hypoellliptic PDEs

Friday April 26th
9h‐10h Julien Royer: Local energy decay for the periodic damped wave equation
10h‐10h30 Coffee break
10h30‐11h30 Francis Nier : Persistent cohomology and Arrhenius law, Part I (joint work with D. Le Peutrec and C. Viterbo)
11h30‐12h30 Pierre Bérard: A story about Sturm, Courant, Gelfand, and Arnold's last published paper
12h30‐14h30 Lunch*

*Lunches will be at the University Restaurant "La Lombarderie".
**The gala dinner will take place at the restaurant « Le Bistrot à Gilles».