On the right, you can see a group photo from Friday morning (with our apologies to the participants who were not present).

Bernard Helffer graciously provided a copy of his remarks from Wednesday evening which can be found here.

A video of Bernard's remarks (unfortunately somewhat poor quality) can be found here.

We also have the slides of certain talks, which will be made available with the permission of the speakers.

Pierre Bérard, Katie Gittins, Francis Nier, Jean Nourrigat, Peter Sternberg, Mikael P. Sundqvist.

The organizers would like to thank, in particular,

Stéphanie Benoît and Brigitte Joubert for running the administration of the conference,

Anh Hong and Claude Joualt for creating the posters, brochures, etc

Eric Le Douaran for creating and managing the website,

and of course, the speakers and the participants!

Group photo