Structure preserving reduced-order model for parametric cross-diffusion systems  (Jad Dabaghi)

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Jad Dabaghi
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In this work, we construct a structure-preserving reduced-order model for the resolution of parametric cross-diffusion systems. Cross-diffusion systems model the evolution of the concentrations or volumic fractions of mixtures composed of different species and often read as nonlinear degenerated parabolic partial differential equations whose numerical resolutions are highly expensive from a computational point of view. We are interested here in cross-diffusion systems which exhibit a so-called entropic structure, in the sense that they can be formally written as gradient flows of a certain entropy functional which is actually a Lyapunov functional of the system. In this work, we propose a new reduced-order modelling method, based on a reduced basis paradigm, in order to accelerate the resolution of parameter-dependent cross-diffusion systems, which preserves, at the level of the reduced-order model, the main mathematical properties of the continuous solution, namely mass conservation, non-negativeness, preservation of the volume-filling property and entropy-entropy dissipation relationship. The theoretical advantages of our approach are confirmed by several numerical experiments.