Master 2 MFA


Welcome on the webpage of the Master 2 research "Fundamental and Applied Mathematics" of Nantes University.

Highlights :

This Masters proposes a cursus in pure and applied mathematics related to the research themes of members of the Mathematics Departments of Nantes, Angers, Vannes and is also associated to the Master 2 research of Rennes.
Some couses are in English.

Two pathways are proposed (click to see the detailed program of the courses ) . All courses are on Monday or Thursday.

Each pathway has 2 basic common courses + 4 courses + 1 or more optional courses of higher level. All students present also a "seminar of students" in the first semester (on Wednesday), and prepare a Master thesis during 4 months at the end of the academic year.

Students have the possibility to choose some courses in the following associated Masters in place of some of the courses of the preceding program:

The Master is highly supported by the Labex center of mathematics, with several one year excellence grants of 10000 euros.
The Application form for this program is available here : Lebesgue center grants.

The inscription procedure is explained here. Be careful of the deadlines for foreign students and the "campus france" procedure (in general April of the current year).

contact :