Postdoc in Nantes 18 months

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General information Reference : UMR6629-MARGOL-001

Workplace : NANTES

Date of publication : Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Type of Contract : FTC Scientist
Period : 18 months

Expected date of employment : 1 September 2021

Proportion of work : Full time

Remuneration : Between 2650€ and 3800€ (monthly, before taxes), depending on experience.

Desired level of education : PhD

Experience required : Indifferent

The project PSyCo (Projective SYmplectic COnfigurations; Étoile Montante, financed by the Région Pays de la Loire; PI: Marco Golla) aims at better understanding configurations of (possibly singular) symplectic curves in the complex projective plane, especially in comparison with their algebro-geometric counterparts. The project lies at the crossroads between low-dimensional topology, symplectic geometry, and (complex) algebraic geometry.
The successful applicant will be part of the group TGA (Topology, Geometry, and Algebra) of the Mathematics Department in Nantes, which has specialists in all three areas.

The postdoc will work with the PI on porting algebro-geometric techniques for the study of singular curves and configurations (especially in rational surfaces) to the symplectic and topological context. This is in continuity with the PI's work on rational cuspidal curves. Possible new lines of investigation include Alexander polynomials (Libgober), the log minimal model program (Koras, Palka), and the log BMY inequality (Orevkov).

The ideal candidate will have a PhD in algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry, or low-dimensional topology. Some knowledge of complex algebraic geometry (especially of curves and surfaces) and some familiarity with differential topology are required.

Work Context
The Mathematics Department in Nantes (Laboratoire de Mathématique Jean Leray, LMJL) is a research unit for the University of Nantes and the CNRS, and is partner with the École Centrale de Nantes. It employs roughly 100 people (of which 26 full professors, 29 assistant professors, 2 directors of research, 6 researchers, 4 postdocs, and 31 PhD students) and comprises five research groups. The TGA (Topology, Geometry, and Algebra) group comprises 13 permanent members, of which 7 work on topics closely related to the project PSyCo.

For more information, send an email to :

application form on the CNRS website

The deadline for applying is May 26th 2021.

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