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Christoph Sorger

Professor of mathematics at Nantes University

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Tanja Becker (Deutsche Bahn) – together with Manfred Lehn

Defense : Octobre 12, 2011 on the moduli spaces of (G,h)-constellations

Arvid Perego (Professore associato, Università di Genova)

Arvid Perego

Arvid Perego

Defense : Octobre 27, 2008 on theorem of Gabriel for twisted coherent sheaves and the Picard group and 2-factoriality of O’Grady’s examples of irreducible holomorphically symplectic manifolds.

Sébastien Garino (Professeur en classes préparatoires)

Defense : June 25, 2007 on the cohomology ring of crepant resolution of some quotient singularities.

Samuel Boissière (Professeur à l’Université de Poitiers)

Samuel Boissière

Samuel Boissière

Defense : September 27, 2004 on the McKay correspondence for the Hilbert scheme of points on the affine plane.

Francesca Gavioli

Francesca Gavioli

Francesca Gavioli

Defense : February 10, 2003 on thêta-functions on the stack of parabolic bundles on a curve.

Mon directeur de thèse

I made my PhD under the supervision of Joseph Le Potier. I started in September 1989 then defended my PhD in December 1991.

Joseph Le Potier

Joseph Le Potier

The following article is published out of my it:

Joseph Le Potier left us far too early on December 8, 2005, one year after the conference:

We organized a special seminar to his memory on Thursday December 7, 2006 in Chevalaret. The lectures were published by the Gazette:

Frédéric Han set up a website with some of his lectures:

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